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Nicolas Peglitsis was born in Larnaka, Cyprus in 1938 where he attended the local Primary school until 1946, when the family moved to England. During an academic career at Grammar School, he obtained the necessary qualifications to enter the medical profession. At the same time, his passionate interest in the arts, particularly the visual arts, moved him to spend much of his spare time painting. When the Royal Academy in London accepted one of his oils, painted when he was eighteen, for the annual Summer Exhibition , he felt encouraged to pursue a career in painting and so gave up his medical studies. He enrolled at Goldsmith's College, London, to further his studies in art and also became a teacher, in order to support a wife and family while he continued to paint. He gave up teaching in 1976 to become a fully professional painter.

1990 Beecroft Gallery Trustees Award for best painting in the Essex Open Exhibition, by Public vote

1993 Again voted best painting in the Essex Open Exhibition

1993 Short-listed for the Bank of Cyprus(London)Ltd. Art Award

2001 Prize for best landscape, Essex Open Exhibition

A monograph on John Constable, commissioned by the Council for the Preservation of Rural Essex.

A series of 40 Topographical Prints, commissioned by the Norfolk Publishers Ltd.

Many and varied: portraits, landscapes, marine subjects, architectural subjects, animal subjects, still life - in oils, watercolour, pastel and pencil.

His work is in collections all over the U.K. and in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, Holland, France, Spain and Cyprus. The Municipality of Larnaka, Cyprus has acquired two of his works for their permanent collection.

Style of Work
During a long career studying European Art and absorbing its influence, he has evolved a style of painting which, though reflecting the traditions of the past, is an individual style, based on accurate observation and clarity of expression. Although aware of the modern movements in art, he has concluded that much of what is produced today is based on trends and fashions, many of which are transitory, manipulated by dealers and market forces and usually unintelligible to the general public. He is committed to maintaining the tradition of realist painting that runs through the four hundred years or so of European Art, an attitude supported by the success he has achieved in this field, exemplified by being voted best painter on two occasions in the Essex Open Exhibition and by numerous commissions received from private clients and public bodies.

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Artwork name: Loch Linnhe

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35,5 x 45,5cm, (14" x 18")

Price: SOLD