Born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1952.

Graduated from the Academy of Fine and Applied Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Major exhibitions:

1976 - Tbilisi, Georgia
1982 - Moscow, Russia
1986 - Tallinn, Estonia
1987 - Osaka, Japan
1998 - Genoa, Italy
1989 - Balingen, Germany
1990 - Paris, France-Ulm, Germany
1990- New York, USA
1991- Barcelona, Spain
1992- Zurich, Switzerland, Rottweill, Germany
1993- Brisago, Switzerland-Friedrichshafen, Germany
1994 - Moscow, Russia-Tbilisi, Georgia
1995 - Ingolstadt, Germany
1996 - Brisago, Switzerland
1997- ARTMANEZH'97, Moscow, Russia
1998- ART SALON'98, Moscow, Russia
1998 - Gertsev Gallery, Moscow, Russia
1998 - Hobby Gallery, Atlanta, USA
1999 - ART MESSE, Permazens, Germany
2000 - Gertsev Gallery, Atlanta, USA

Solo Exhibitions:

1991 - Basel, Switzerland
1998 - Gertsev Gallery, Moscow, Russia
1999 - TMS Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
2000 - Gertsev Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Space divided into parallel bands seems to be flowing beyond the picture. The colours are fruity warm and nearly pastel in their softness. A fragile silhouette of a house inscribed into these yellowish pink parallel bands has a familiar look of a child drawing (complete with chimney smoke). What is this feeling one gets? Kindness, peace or light nostalgia for the past, when the world was clear, bright and simple? There must be a little of everything¬Ö

Nana Eristavi
(art historian, "AST", Moscow)

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Artwork name: Tibet

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2000,Oil on Canvas,40x50cm(15 3/4"x19 3/4")

Price: SOLD