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Asror Muradov was born in 1961. Finished an art college in 1989. Nowadays he lives and works in Ukraine, Kiev.

He is a participant of different international and Ukrainian exhibitions. He had 37 exhibitions, among them – 10 personal.

His works are present now in the private collections in Ukraine and abroad (Russia, Poland, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Israel, Canada, USA, Great Britain).

Asror Muradov's work is an attempt to overcome the limits of ordinary human perception by achieving full mental consciousness. Just as human sight cannot see all colors and human hearing cannot hear all sounds, human consciousness cannot perceive all reality, so much of the world seems "unreal."

When working, the artist first enters a super-conscious, or meditative, state, giving in to intuitive subconscious splashes, and going far beyond ordinary or stereotypical perception of the world around him. He reaches a state of mental silence.

After several years creating and analyzing his work, the artist has come to the conclusion that Man does not exist apart from the world; rather, everything is interconnected and interwoven at the level of the microcosm and of the macrocosm. In addition to the solid physical world, there is a subtle world. The artist tries to depict on canvas what cannot usually be seen, believing we humans are interwoven not only with everything on Earth, but with all the world's energies in Space and the Universe.

In creating and experiencing various levels of consciousness, the artist concludes that there exist primary structures , inside a person at the microcosm level, and outside human perception, at the macrocosm level. These structures, which surround us all the time, contain a lot of information, which can only be perceived intuitively or subconsciously.

The artist's work is an attempt to obtain and depict information he perceives by happy accident while creating and working on technical, color, and compositional problems.

Some of his works cannot be perceived directly. They represent realities outside human expression. Concrete images carry symbolic meaning: for example, a bird, a fish, or a man. The artist intuitively discovers new forms, which are not accidental, but contain meaning; they are like signs pointing to the meaning behind them, which can only be perceived subconsciously as a message from artist to viewer. The artist recommends not trying to look at a painting outside normal perception, but rather trusting one's own feelings and subconscious, without trying to force the depiction into concrete expression. That way, the viewer will enter another world--a world that is not a fantasy but real, simply difficult to comprehend consciously.

In this way, the artist takes you by the hand, and leads you into this world, but he does not insist on the truth of what he has depicted. Each person is left to perceive it for himself, or not....

Unreal-seeming yet more real than life,
…truer than things true
If dreams these were or captured images,
Dream’s truth made false earth’s vain realities.


2008 – Ukrainian ethnoexhibition “Ukraine – my home”; Kiev, Kievo-Pecherska Lavra, museum of the book. December 9-16.
2008 – International Assembly of the fantastic “Portal”. Sport Expocenter (National University of the Sport). Kiev.
2007 – personal exhibition. Kiev, The House of the Scientists, November 5-20.
2007 – 4th International Assembly of the fantastic “Portal”. Sport Expocenter (National University of the Sport). Kiev.
2007 - exhibition “Pittrice”. The House of the actor. Kiev.
2006 – Personal exhibition. Kiev.
2006 – exhibition in the Amosov hospital. Kiev.
2006 – exhibition in the University of Sport. Kiev.
2005 – exhibition “Silver way”. Kiev Politechnic Institute.
2004 – personal exhibition in the gallery “NEF”. Kievo-Pecherska Lavra.
2004 - personal exhibition. Khmelnitsky.
2004 – Ukrainian exhibition to The Day of the Artist. House of the Artist. Kiev.
2003 – personal exhibition in the gallery “Grifon”. Kiev.
2003 – Ukrainian exhibition to The Day of the Artist. Kiev.
2003 – Ukrainian exhibition “Colourfull Ukraine”. Kiev-Lviv.
2002 – Christmas exhibition. Kamianets-Podilsky.
2002 – International exhibition “Friends”. Kavaleridze museum. Kiev.
2002 – exhibition in Chmelnitsky.
2002 – Ukrainian Christmas exhibition. The House of the Artist. Kiev.
2001 – personal exhibition “Through the labyrinth of the subcontious”
2000 – International exhibition “Friends”. Kiev.
2000 – Ukrainian exhibition “Autumn – 2000”. The House of the Artist. Kiev.
2000 – Ukrainian exhibition “Colourfull Ukraine”. Kchmelnitsky.
2000 – Ukrainian exhibition “55 years of the Winning”
2000 – Ukrainian exhibition “2000 years Of the Christ Birth”. The House of the Artist”.
2000 – “The Colors of my Soul”.
1999 – exhibition in Kchmelnitsky.
1999 – personal exhibition in Chernovtsy Art Museum.
1998 – personal exhibition in Kievo-Mogilianska Academy. Kiev.
1998 – group exhibition in Chmelnitsky
1996 – exhibition in Orenburgh (Russia).
1995 – personal exhibition. Kamianets-Podilsky.
1994 – International exhibition. Kamianets-Podilsky.
1991 – “From the clear well”. Chmelnitsky.

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Artwork name: Waiting for the Warmth

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100 x 80 cm
(39 3/8" x 31 1/2")
Oil on Canvas

Price: £3038 GBP

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