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Born in Moscow, Russia, 1974.


1992 Graduated Moscow Academic Art Lyceum.
1999 Graduated with a first-class honours degree from Moscow Surikov Art Institute - Diploma: Artist/Painter.
1998, 1999, 2000 Rewarded with a State Grant for her creative successes.

a graduate, Member of Moscow Union of Artists. Member of International Federation of Artists. Laureate of Russian International Exhibitions and Contents. She was rewarded with diplomas, grants and creative journeys for her high achievements in art.

Principal Exhibitions:

1990-1994 Travelling Exhibitions: Russia, Ukraine, Greece, France and Norway.
1994-1997 Exhibitions: "Open Air", Moscow.
1995-1999 Exhibitions of Moscow Union of Artists. Moscow House of Artists.
1995 "Young Palette of Russia". Art show of works by laureates of "First Exhibition of Art Works by Students of Russia". The Central House of Actors, Russia
1996 "Modern Russian Paintings", Basel, Switzerland.
1996 Exhibitions at the Ministry of Finance and the Constitutional Court, Moscow.
1997 "Art-Manege-97", International Exhibition, Central Manege Hall, Moscow.
1998 "Succession" (dedicated to the 850th Anniversary of the Foundation of Moscow). The House of Artists, Gogolevsky Boulevard, Moscow.
1998 Exhibition in the State Country-House Museum "Yasnaya Polyana" (dedicated to the 170th Anniversary of Leo Tolstoy's Birth).
1999 "Moscow-St.Petersburg, Moscow Union of Artists. Central House of Artists, Moscow.
1999 The 9th All-Russian Exhibition "Russia", Russian Union of Artists. The Central Manege Hall, Moscow.
1999 "Pushkin-Byron", London, Great Britain.
1999 Exhibition, dedicated to the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of A. S. Pushkin, Academy of Art, Moscow.
1999 "Boldinskaya Autumn", Russian Union of Artists (dedicated to the 200th Anniversary of A.S. Pushkin's birth), Central House of Artists, Moscow.
2000 Exhibition of works by Moscow Artists: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
2000 Solo Exhibition, Venue - World Bank, Moscow.
2000 "Russia-Western Europe - 2000", London, Great Britain.
2000 Russia- Westrn Europe-2000, Moscow, London
2000 Ministry of Culture, Moscow, Russia
2001 Moscow and Moscovites, Moscow, Russia
2001 Music in Art, Moscow, London

The artist's works are in the Museum Collection of the State Country-House Museum "Yasnaya Polyana" and in Private Collections in Switzerland, USA, South Korea, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Israel, United Arab Emirates and Netherlands.

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Artwork name: Willow Tree

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Oil on Canvas
75 x 95 cm
(30 1/2" x 37 1/2")

Price: £3384 GBP