Born: May 23,1952

Graduated in 1976 from Academy of Arts in Georgia, Faculty of Painting


Winner of the first prize on the Moscow International Festival, Moscow, Russia, 1989;
Participant of the International Fair "Markt der Voler", Hamburg, Germany, 1996.


1985 Iron gates for Don Monastery complex;
1986 Gates for Nato Vachnadze Memorial House, Gurdjaani; 1989 "Decorative Motive", Hotel "Metechi", Tbilisi;
1994 Series "Spring", Iron, Tbilisi;
1995 Series "Golden Fleece", Iron, Tbilisi;
1996 Series "Plait", Iron, Tbilisi.

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Artwork name: Samurai

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Iron and Brass,17x12x8cm(6 3/4"x4 1/4"x3 1/8")

Price: £752 GBP