Dominique Dubrule is a versatile artist. Originally from Charleroi in the French speaking part of Belgium, he has been living in the Netherlands for a considerable time. In his work, Dominique aims to achieve a balance between his inner and his outer world. He expresses his personal feelings by painting, writing poetry and playing music on the ney, the oriental flute, and the setar, an Iranian string instrument. Displayed on this site, are paintings by Dominique that have been produced by intuitive methods. These expressive works envisage internal processes…sometimes completely abstract and at other times containing some figurative elements…always typified by the spontaneous, dynamic and flowing character of his style. The viewer will be, so to speak, carried along in the Dominique inner journey.

"Dubrule's paintings represent a breakthrough in abstract realism. Up to now the likes of Mark Rothko and Arshile Gorky were the representatives of mystical statement in the world of painting, but now we have someone who has gone beyond the pessimism of Rothko, drawing the viewer into a warm and mellow universe resplendent with a shining Unity. Gone is the randomness of a Pollock or the broad opacity of a Tworkov or a de Kooning or a Kline or a Hofman or the satire of a Rauschenberg. Here is a welcoming affirmation, a splendor in which draws one in and embraces one."

Terry Graham

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Artwork name: Nameless

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122x82 cm
(48" x 32 1/3")

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