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18. 01.1957 Born in Lvov (Lemberg), Ukraine

Education and Experience

1974-1979 Lvov State Institute of Applied and Decorative Art
1979-1987 Kiev Center of Monumental and Decorative Art
Since-1987 working as a freelance Artist
Since-1992 member of the National Artist Union of Ukraine

Solo Exhibitions

1991 Mini Gallery Beata Szubska, Warszawa (Poland)
1992 Golf club Gallery, St.Etienne (France)
1993 Schamun Museum Kreativespeicher, Ulzen(Germany)
1994 City Center, Buchholz (Germany)
1995 Jasmine Gallery, Wildeshausen (Germany)
1996 Golf club Gallery, St.Etienne (France)
1997 Art Caf? Italy, Luneburg (Germany)
1998 Schlossgefangnis Gallery, Rantzau(Germany)
1999 Digital - Berlin (Germany)
2001 Elbdorfer Gallery, Hamburg (Germany)
2002 Los Angeles "Portraiture Workshop" (U.S.A.)
2005 Golf club Gallery, St.Etienne (France)
2010 Fine Art Ukraine,Project Metaphor Kiev(Ukraine)
2012 Chateau Boumanoire-Evran Bretagne (France)
2013 "Accents of Color" graphic exhibition
LAVRA gallery (Kyiv/Ukraine)

Group Exhibition

1997 International Art-Festival "Kiev-97 (Ukraine).
1998 International Textile Symposium, "Scythie",Kherson (Ukraine).
1998 Salle de l'Orangerie du S?nat - Jardin du Luxembourg Paris
2000 Nation of Art-Fruehlingssalon, Rudersdorf (Germany).
2003 200 Names.Decorative Art of Ukraione of the end of XXCentury.
Kiev (Ukraine).
2006 Mystets Gallery. Decorative and Applied Art
2007 Triennial of Batik art Kiev (Ukraine).
2008 "Love songs". Art-Project of Contemporary Professional Applied
Art.Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art Museum Kyivo -Pechersk
Lavra, Kiev(Ukraine)
2013 Exhibition of Graphic work Project ARTLONDON Gallery (Kyivstar, Kyiv/Ukraine)

Media Coverage

1. "Here is the soul, here is the mind." Frankfurter Allgemeine
(Germany), April 23, 1998 # 94/17D, pp.R1, R2
2. "Vadim Korzhenko, Inspired by Myths." Barmstedter Zeitung
(Germany), September 3, 1997
3. "Ukrainian Artist Find a New Scene:Vadim Korzhenko Exhibit in
Germany for the Second Time." Nord West Zeitung (Germany),
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16. Chegusova, Zoya "Batik: Lyrical Abstractions by Vadim
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17. The Presentation - 94 International Tapestry Journal, Spring 1995
18. Internationales Textilsymposium "Scythia",Kherson(Ukraine),
Intrnational Textilkunst,September 1998 # 3

P.S. Copies of all articles are available upon request

Municipal Collections

1. Tranformation, 2008, 90x90, painted silk. Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art
Museum Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Kiev (Ukraine).
2. Skythia 1994,80x80,4x,batik,wax,cotton,Khmelnitsky Applied Art

Private Collections

Germany, France, Japan, USA, Swiss, Spain, U.A.E, U.K., Australia, Holland

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Artwork name: Solstice

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paper, watercolor, ink, plume
48 x 65 cm
(19" x 26")

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