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1974 - Graduation
from Architecture faculty of Melli University of Iran.

1982-84 - Educating in Aydin Aghdashlou's painting courses

1985 - Published a black-ink-drawing in Architectural Review (Nov.1985)
and also architectural critiques in this journal and Architectural Record.

1989 - Exhibition of ink-drawings in Golestan Gallery, and the
following individual and group exhibitions.

1997 - Honor Diploma from Autumn Exhibition in Venice.

2000 - Exhibition of Iran's Modern Architectural Painting in Asar

Artists Statement

Villages in North of Tehran.

Landscapes of northern Tehran villages were always the best resources for me to paint. I enjoy wandering in back alleys in Darakeh, Darband, Farahzad, Darabad, seeking for a subject to paint: labyrinth of narrow alleys, cobwalls covered by straw or tins, brick entrances of gardens inviting the viewer to come in, balconies decorated by beautiful architraves, etc. These houses composed by fruiters, rivers and hills make a wonderful "Architecture-Nature" composition. Unfortunately in these last ten years I have seen many of these houses, over-doors and cobwalls ruined by urban developers. Maybe a few old trees remain and tell the future-comers about these landscapes and maybe these ink drawings would be their single witness.

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Artwork name: Gazd Alley

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Watercolour Drawing,
(21"x16 1/2")

Price: £570 GBP

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