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"To love life is probably the most complex thing that exists. Every one tries to find an answer to their questions. To give a meaning to their life, which may reassure them. To comprehend the unknown.

Even though a strong doubt subsists deep inside me, I know that this pain is in pursuit of happiness. I feel that, through painting, I understand life a little bit more and that time is of no importance. A road offered itself.
Remain free at all costs - sincere and honest - to always move ahead, without ever being satisfied."

Isa Manzi


Isa Manzi was born in Corsica, France in 1966 and is a graduate of Arts and Humanities from the University of Nice. Studies include the Degree of Arts, Culture, and Communication the "Science of Language".

Selected Exhibitions Painting and Compositions:

2000 Exhibited at the Gallery l'Atelier, Maragal Spain Moulin des Artisans, Valbonne France
1999 A.B.S., Nice France
1998 Grand Cafe des Arts, Nice France
1997 Gallery SIRFRENE, Paris France Moulin des Artisans, Sophia Antipolis, France Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts, Paris France
1996 Les Surindepentants, Paris France
1995 La Marge, Ajaccio France Contemporaines, Paris France Theatre Municiple de Bastia, Bastia France
1994 Eden Park, Serriera France Les Espaces Verts, La Marana France
1993 Gallery Confluences, Prunete France
1992 Hotel les Thermes, Guagno Les Bains France
1991 Journee Mondiale Contre le Sida (Aids), Bastia France

Art Critics Remarks

"Lively Tones, a spontaneous trait, and a wide variety of themes: Isa Manzi's paintings are full of youthful enthusiasm. It is difficult to catalogue them: they do not correspond to any art school.

The portraits at times recall the character of Cezanne's paintings, his landscapes…"anyway, I paint because I like painting", and she voices, "to express my love of life and the joy of existing". Isa's exhibition must be seen just as
it is. Full of "Life", "with its surprises, its sorrows, and its joys. Full of emotions: we may find "The Lady in the Blue Hat" next to "Christ Makes Man" (his eyes overflowing with tears), followed by "House with a Black Sun" and "Last Dream".

There are also sculptures, - laughing or frowning "gargoyle" faces. Some compositions; poetry exposed or united in a leaflet. A "Will" which, it alone summarises everything: "Do not imprison me into one of your dreary boxes. Cover my coffin with bright colours: green, blue, yellow, and orange, turn up the transistors."

It is the first time that Isa Manzi exhibits in Corsica. A "First" placed under the sign of the "Joker" printed on her posters. The private viewing took place recently in the magnificent surroundings of the gallery "Confluence".
Located in Prunete, in the presence of a great number of personalities."

Article from Local Newspaper

"It is an (unlucky) miracle: both to be born to live with ones soul clutched onto ones heart… Such a child full of life knows the fear of dark hours, a speechless shout, a darkness of pain and doubt. You preserve, Isa an ardent faith in the mind and the innocence of the heart. Presumably, you do not ignore anymore that art is a conveyance of positive expressions. Conquering over the silence and the void.

Young open-handed islander. Your intense and vibrant colours - or should I say "savage"? - Baffle the enactment of those found in nature. The smooth surfaces (on your paintings) give a dimension to the colours, a lieu of
sensational explosion, where our mind and the universe meet.

Then, with the chant of an Arabesque carving your works, things begin to move, colour against colour. Nevertheless, their supple lines are sometimes influenced by the energetic and fragile geometries: because the pain can
be so deeply rooted that it can ferment… The act of painting proclaims, in a sort of religious way, the force of life, which resides inside you. Revealing a privileged moment when everything is more true and where, in accordance with others, you'll be, Isa, closer to he "heart of things"."


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Artwork name: Inominis

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Acrylic on Wood,
(35 1/2"x33 1/2")

Price: £4808 GBP

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