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Alex Neckels was born in Milan, Italy in 1960. He graduated from the University of Milan in Mechanical Engineering in 1985 and specialized in patents. He worked in various ateliers in Milan studying, in particular, acrylic painting techniques and representation of the human body. He also works as a freelance on projects of industrial design and for an advertising agency as copyrighter.


Various collective exhibitions in the Milan area.
June 2000 - Basilica of St. Celso - Milan
November 2000 - Vigna del Siolo in Arese - Milan - Solo exhibition
December 2000 - Villa "La Valera" in Arese - Milan

A Quantum Approach to Art

I think the real artist is not dominated by technology, but instead he controls and manages this means, in his creative activity, which has to be governed also by the unexpected, by the unknown, in a quest for new worlds, still to be discovered.

The so-called artist-scientist, on the contrary, penetrates into the technical details, and is eventually overwhelmed by them, unless he is an exceptional genius (i.e. Piero della Francesca). Therefore, I think the artist has to maintain a quantic (some would say "irrational") approach to his work, meaning that he should act under a sort of indetermination, as his hand is driven by a divine, supernatural force.

Art Critics Remarks

"Alex Neckels's paintings are characterised by a violent and expressionist use of acrylics......"
"Neckels's paintings often reveal epigrammatic and satiric statements"
V.Patarini, excerpt from: "Introduction to the Exhibition
'S.Celso in Fiore' at the Basilica of St. Celso"

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Artwork name: Stable Sea Contour

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2000,Acrylic on Canvasboard,23x30cm(9"x11 3/4")

Price: £405 GBP

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