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1976 January 21, was born in Baku city, Azerbaijan Republic.
1982-1992. Education in secondary school № 6.
1992-1997. Got her education at Western University. Manager of the project.
2004-2008. Education at Azerbaijan State Academy of Art. Painting.
Married, has 3 children.
Afet Akhundzade is the General Director of ALP Exclusive, design and organization company.


2002. Exhibition with the assistance of UNESCO devoted to Gobustan.
2004 January 21. Personal exhibition, S.Bahlulzade Exhibition Hall, Baku, Azerbaijan.
2009 January 24. Personal exhibition, Center of Modern Art. Baku, Azerbaijan.
2006. "Colors of autumn" – Museum Center. Baku, Azerbaijan.
2007. Exhibition of Azerbajanian artists. Abu Dhabi.
2007. "Love Rainbow" - Museum Center. Baku, Azerbaijan.
2008. "Summer impression" - Museum Center. Baku, Azerbaijan.
2008. "Winter harmony" - Museum Center. Baku, Azerbaijan.
2009."Memory of Mirza Shafi Vazeh". Personal exhibition in Germany, Paine.

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Artwork name: Pink Landscape

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Oil on Canvas
60x70 cm
(24" x 27")

Price: SOLD

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